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Children who have the opportunity to take on leadership positions in their classrooms are more likely to learn vital skills that prepare them best for the corporate world. Here are 5 ways children will benefit from employing educational strategies that involve developing student leadership skills.

  1. They will learn to lead

We’ve all heard claims like “He/she was born a leader!” but as it turns out, most of us are not just born to step into leadership positions. It is a learned behavior that children will pick up when given the opportunity to step up in the classroom. These learned leadership skills will include:

  • Communication
  • Decision-making
  • Organization
  • Strategy
  • Risk management
  • Emotional intelligence
  1. Team building and collaboration

One of the most important leadership skills is team building. This will make it easier for them to problem solve and communicate effectively with others in the workplace. They will learn to delegate tasks and work as a team to accomplish their goals.

  1. They will be more confident

Did you know that leaders in the classroom are more likely to become leaders in the workplace over students who have no prior leadership experience? Student leadership prepares a child for positions of higher status and greater responsibility. Since they will have practiced the skills necessary to maintain a position like that already, they will have more confidence in their ability to replicate it in the office.

  1. They will learn to network

Though friendships and other personal relationships can happen rather naturally, the business world isn’t always like that and it helps to be comfortable with networking. As they practice leadership, they will get to know a lot of people and learn to successfully facilitate connections between those who would benefit from knowing each other.

  1. They become role models

Other students in the classroom will learn to look up to them, trust them, and respect them. It is important that any leader in the business world should have the trust and respect of their colleagues.

Teaching student leadership provides students with a number of valuable skills they will use as they begin their professional careers and it’s time we make it more of a priority within the classroom.

Andy Britnell Prince's Trust Advisor